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What is an Aquagold facial?

AQUAGOLD facial is a non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatment painlessly delivering a custom designed elixir into the skin's surface for a smoother, brighter, tighter complexion. 

Its main benefit is delivering a specialized recipe of serums: PRP, muscle relaxers, and hyaluronic acid for radiant, smooth, poreless skin. Within one week, you'll see the effects of plump, dewey, hydrated skin, smaller pores and improvement of fine crepey lines.  

This treatment can be used to address enlarged pores, dry, thin or weak skin, fine lines, wrinkles in difficult to reach areas, dull and unhealthy skin tones.  

Rather than needing multiple procedures, the AQUAGOLD facial can address and improve various skin concerns in one session. Each individual with have their own personalized skin boosting elixir which can include:

  • Hylauronic acid/dermal filler to smooth, nourish, hydrate the skin, increase skin plumpness, improve skin scarring.

  • Muscle relaxers to shrink/tighten pores, reduce fine lines, improve redness from rosacea, and decrease oil production. 

  • PRP (platelet rich plasma) to promote healing on a cellular level, containing growth factors and other proteins to encourage new collagen & elastin growth, reduce wrinkles, improve tone and texture.

  • Antioxidant serums: vitamins C, A, E to brighten skin, combat dullness and hyperpigmentation. 

What to expect?

The treatment is administered through a small glass vial attached to a series of 20 hollow needles smaller than a follicle of hair. The needles are made of stainless steel, are plated with 24-carat gold. As an element, gold is more biologically compatible with the human body, preventing allergic reactions and irritation. 

With each "stamp" of the glass vial, the cocktail is delivered at the dermal layer of the skin. 

Patients report that the application is painless, but some do experience a mild, prickly sensation. There is no downtime, and you'll enjoy vibrant, glowing skin and smaller pores for 2-3 months after the treatment. 

There is essentially zero downtime or bruising, which means The AQUAGOLD facial is ideal to create that airbrushed look and is the perfect pick me up to receive before that special event or ocassion. This treatment is minimally invasive, which means there are almost no signs of the injections making the technique of this procedure practically invisible. The device is designed in a unique way to avoid causing tears or bleeding to the skin. A new device is used on each patient, making the treatment sterile and safe. 

Treatments are ideal for adults of all ages, skin types and complexions. 

The AQUAGOLD device can reach areas that can be hard to treat: upper lip lines, decolette, delicate lower eyelid area.   

AQUAGOLD has no effect on muscle movement or relaxation, since only micro doses of neurotoxin is used. It is not a substitute for regular neurotoxin injectable treatments for dynamic wrinkles. 

Note: Neurotoxin at the dermal level, rather than the muscular level, is an off label use that has not yet been approved by FDA.

It's time to get the radiant and beautiful skin you've always wanted with AQUAGOLD!

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