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Wrinkle Reducers


NEUROMODULATORS/ Neurotoxins/Wrinkle Reducers

First, there was Botox, now there are five FDA approved "muscle relaxers" available in the United States, with more to come. Muscle relaxers are sometimes referred to as neurotoxins or neuromodulators. 

BOTOX injections are one of the MOST POPULAR aesthetic treatments,

due to treating and preventing our feared telltale signs of aging.. WRINKLES!

BOTOX - Xeomin - Dysport

Of the current five muscle relaxers, the Vanity Lounge has chosen to use Botox, Xeomin, & Dysport. Botox has been around for over two decades, whereas Xeomin & Dysport more recently came to the United States. There are several differences in the manufacturing and purification methods of these two drugs that contribute to subtle differences in their results. Differences include the onset of action, duration of action, and level of muscle relaxation. These differences allow us to choose the product that best suits your aesthetic goals.


Everyone’s facial injectable aesthetic goals are different and can vary from subtle under the radar, to natural-looking, to dramatic looking improvement. Vanity Lounge customizes your precise treatment choosing the neurotoxin and fillers that are right for you to achieve the results you want while making sure that results appear pleasing at rest and during facial movements.

Are Neurotoxins safe?

Yes. Originally approved for cosmetic use by the FDA in 2002, they are very safe when administered by an experienced injector. A treatment requires a very small amount of product to achieve the desired results. Side effects are usually mild and temporary 

(if any), and include redness, bruising, and swelling near the injection site.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF neuromodulators?

  • Get rid of excessive forehead lines

  • Get rid of angry lines between brows

  • Open up the eyes by lifting the distal end of brows upward- referred to as a non-surgical brow lift

  • Get rid of "bunny lines" on the bridge of the nose

  • Get rid of crow’s feet around the eyes

  • Diminish a "gummy smile" and/or lip lines (bar code) above lip

  • Lift up the down-turned mouth corners

  • Smooth the "orange rind" dimpled chin

  • Reshape and lengthen/thin out wide lower face and jaw angles

  • Lessen TMJ symptoms of overactive clenching and grinding muscles

  • Stop excessive sweating 

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