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Ultimately, every patient should feel confident. Therefore, an initial consultation can be essential to discuss all of your concerns and goals. Consultations are also important because it highlights the seriousness involved with injectables and medical aesthetics. Yes this is an extremely fun, empowering and glamorous environment, but still a procedure that needs to be administered by a medical professional. During the consultation, the process involved with the anticipated treatment will be discussed, which includes the risks that can occur and what to do if it does happen. 

A consultation is an opportunity to ensure you are being provided with and having informed consent rather than just blindly getting a treatment done. A consultation is also a great educational opportunity to learn more about this industry, products that are used in treatments, and what your customers treatment plan look like. Consultations are always complementary, and education is priceless! Overall, the consultation is an opportunity to gain a little more knowledge than before you walked in, as well as determining the connection you have with your injector.

Clients may be interested in services, but are on the fence due to stereotypes or stigmas. In general there is a good majority of people that associate dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxers with looking like a duck, or having a frozen or blown up face. I hear concerns of patients stating, “I don’t want huge lips, huge cheeks, or look distorted and fake.” These stigmas are addressed not only by listening to each patient’s concerns, but by explaining the approach to aesthetics as mentioned previously. Every person has their goals, and your’s may not line up with other’s. 

Many clients are initially nervous about services, because altering your look can be exciting yet distressing. We want to make sure that whoever walks through the door is educated and comfortable in the space before they go through with any service. Usually people are looking for a change when they come in, so we want to make sure clients are confident and educated in their options so they know exactly what results to expect. We truly want patients to feel like themselves after treatment, but a more enhanced version, which does not have to equate to completely augmenting the face. I encourage patients to ask questions! It is OK to interview your injector, because this will be the person you choose to trust with your VANITY! 

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