PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a nonsurgical hair-loss treatment during which platelets extracted from your own blood are injected into areas of your scalp with thinning hair. While PRP is not yet FDA approved for hair loss, the research done so far finds PRP to be effective for both age-related hair loss and alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia; disease's which cause hair loss in young and otherwise healthy people. It’s considered a safe, relatively inexpensive, and less invasive alternative to surgery, and the specialists who perform it say it can stimulate the follicles and slow down the rate of hair loss. Overall, the use of PRP injections are effective with promoting lost hair regrowth, decreasing hair loss and increasing hair thickness.

Platelets in your blood play a role in clotting and healing. They are the cells that contain the cell signaling agents that manage the human body’s tissue rejuvenation and healing systems. Plasma is the liquid in blood that carries the platelets, along with red blood cells and white blood cells.


During a PRP procedure, the medical staff draws your blood, then places it in a centrifuge where it separates platelets from your blood and processes them to concentrate the growth factors. Once injected into your scalp, PRP increases blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulates the growth of new follicles, and lengthens the anagen (active) phase of the hair cycle to promote hair growth.

PRP Serum contains a abundant quantities of stem cells, growth hormones,

and other rejuvenating properties the body uses to heal itself.

PRP injections originated in Europe more than a decade ago. Today, it is used for a variety of medical applications, including helping injured joints and wounds to heal more quickly and treating aging skin as well as hair loss.

For optimal results, most individuals undergo a 3 treatment protocol, with 4 weeks in between each procedure. Maintenance treatment required every 6 months. The  number of treatments you may need depends on your unique situation.

Reclaim the confidence that accompanies a healthy, full head of hair. Discover if PRP hair restoration is right for you with a free consultation.

While there is not an exact success rate for PRP injections and restoration, many research studies  have shown 70-90% success rate.