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 PRP FOR HAIR growth

Introducing an easy, natural, effective treatment using your body's own healing systems: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Growth Treatments.

Statistics have shown that more than 80% of men and nearly half (50%) of women in the US experience significant hair loss during their lifetime. Topical creams and shampoos, prescriptions, along with surgical grafting, have been the go-to methods to restore hair. However, these treatments can be costly, painful or just not work.

 PRP, nonsurgical hair-loss treatments are simple in-office treatments that take under an hour, and typically require no downtime. A quick blood draw will allow us to isolate your own plasma, and infuse it into areas exhibiting hair loss. The platelets extracted from your own blood, are injected into areas of your scalp with thinning hair.

While PRP is not yet FDA approved for hair loss, the research done thus far finds PRP to be effective for age-related hair loss which causes hair loss in young and otherwise healthy people. It’s considered a safe, relatively inexpensive, and less invasive alternative to surgery, and researchers say it can stimulate the follicles and slow down the rate of hair loss.

Overall, the use of PRP injections are effective with promoting lost hair regrowth, decreasing hair loss and increasing hair thickness.

Platelets in your blood play a role in clotting and healing. They are the cells that manage

the human body’s tissue rejuvenation and healing systems

who are good candidates?

  • PRP treatments work best on those who have recently begun to lose hair

  • Those experiencing receding hairline and complete baldness earlier in life

  • Women experiencing thinning during/after menopause

  • Men and women with thinning hair due to heredity

  • Women with traction alopecia, hair thinning caused by too tight ponytails, braids, and other styles that pull the hair out

  • PRP treatments have shown to be beneficial when combined with other treatments like medications and hair transplants (assists the process by stimulating cell growth and regeneration, boosting the effects )

  • People who want to improve the look and volume of their hair, but do not wish to have a hair transplant

  • Patients who want to maintain their hair growth without turning to over the counter or prescription medications

PRP injections originated in Europe more than a decade ago. Today, it is used for a variety of medical and cosmetic applications, including helping injured joints and wounds to heal more quickly and treating aging skin, as well as hair loss.

For optimal results, most individuals undergo a 3 treatment protocol, with 4 weeks in between each procedure. Maintenance treatment required every 6 months. The number of treatments you may need depends on your unique situation.

Reclaim the confidence that accompanies a healthy, full head of hair.

Discover if PRP is right for you with a FREE consultation.

While there is not an exact success rate for PRP injections and

restoration, many research studies  have shown 80% success rate. 

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