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Have you ever caught yourself looking in the mirror pushing up your cheeks to reminisce about your youthful appearance? Don’t worry… everyone’s had that moment. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it without having to undergo facelift surgery. A PDO thread lift procedure offers similar results to a mini facelift or cheek lift, but it’s completely non-surgical. Even better, it yields long-lasting results.

While dermal fillers and other injectables can provide a temporary non-surgical face lift, this procedure is designed to facilitate longer lasting results by gradually boosting collagen production beneath the skin. If you want to discover whether a thread lift is right for your aesthetic goals, call for your consultation! We’re thrilled to bring this innovative, unique procedure to our office.


A PDO Thread Lift, or Thread Facelift, uses polydioxanone (PDO) suture threads to lift and tighten the skin. During the procedure, very thin, biodegradable polyester threads are inserted just below the surface of your skin using a canula. The threads are biodegradable and stimulate your body’s natural healing response to generate new collagen, helping to smooth and tighten skin immediately. You can think of this Micro-Suspension Technology™ as scaffolding that’s placed in the deepest layers of the skin to restore volume in the mid-facial area.

By adding volume to the cheek bones in the mid-face, you can expect a widespread tightening effect of the facial skin. Even more importantly, PDO threads don’t stop working after these immediate changes. Over a period of about 2 years, the micro-cones and sutures are slowly absorbed into the body. This process triggers gradual, natural collagen production in the skin, which helps preserve its taut elasticity. As a result, you’ll not only recapture your youthful appearance; you’ll retain it for years to come. 


One reason that patients are raving about the PDO Thread Lift is that it only takes one hour to perform. After an initial consultation, your procedure will begin with injecting a local anesthetic into the skin. Then, sutures can be painlessly placed precisely where you need to achieve a lift. After treatment, you’ll be able to carry on with most parts of your daily routine. You’ll notice an immediate lift that’s sure to turn heads. Over the next several weeks, you can expect results to look even better as your skin begins its natural healing and rejuvenation process.

Forget about long downtimes, bruising, swelling, and surgical drains. You can achieve amazing results without surgery and a lengthy recovery. During your initial thread lift consultation, we’ll discuss specifics on the types of results you can expect.

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